RASOT - Let The Battle begin!

We are extremely proud that our subreddit has reached 2,500 subs and this calls for a celebration! This time there will be another RASOT live broadcast, but now you will determine the line-up. The beloved and talented RASOT DJs will battle by creating 15-minute showcase mixes in which they will show if they have what it takes to be part of the live broadcast.

Round 1!
Participating DJs will send in their showcase for the slot they pick. We will assess these and choose two winners who will enter the epic battlefield. These showcases will go head-to-head in round 2!

Round 2!
This is where you make the difference. You will vote for your favorite showcase per slot and decide who will get the honor to be part of the live broadcast. The winning DJs will be invited to produce a one-hour mix for the live broadcast.

So what are you waiting for? LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

\o/ Trance on \o/

Wiggy, Yesh and Thorae

Showcase requirements:

  • Make you set 15 minutes long (1.5 minute margin)
  • Your set should be uploaded to Mixcloud.com
  • Do not include any low quality (as in audio quality) tracks in your sets
  • You can send in a showcase for up to 2 slots.


Q: Why a 15 minute set? It’s so short!

A: It’s only a showcase set for the battle. The actual set for the radio show will of course be longer. We can’t give you more than 15 minutes because it won’t be feasible to listen to everything.

Q: When do I hear if I my set is chosen to enter the battle (round 2)?

A: We will announce it as soon as possible. Of course we won’t give away too much too soon to keep it as excited as possible.

Q: I don’t want my set publicly uploaded to Mixcloud.com

A: We’re sorry but we don’t have another method at this moment. The enlisting system automatically checks if your set meets the requirements.

Still have questions left? Just post a comment!



The sweet sounds of relaxing trance that builds up to an energetic climax


The music for dreamy all-nighters


138 BPM for the euphoric thrill seeking trancers


Time for big room hits, which will make everyone start chair raving


The alchemist in trance; experimental and refreshing


Back to the time of dancing to Children in Cafe Del Mar